Are Pole Barn Homes a Good Investment

Are Pole Barn Homes a Good Investment

It would be best if you consider building a pole barn home on your property as an investment. Not only can it serve as an agricultural storage space to protect and store equipment, but it can also increase the property value of your land.

Aside from the said uses, pole barn houses have a lot of purposes, such as more space, an animal shelter, a hobby workshop, or a temporary shelter. We got you covered! Now, let us profoundly discuss the economic value and selling opportunities of having a pole barn house. We will also try to compare it to available alternatives.


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How Much Does a Pole Barn Home Add Value to a Home?

The actual value that a pole barn home can contribute depends on how it is constructed. A structure can add more resale value to your property. The more you add new outbuildings, the more it increases. This means that the quality, design, financing, finishing costs, permit costs, and size are some key players that determine property value.

However, a post frame construction project can increase your new home value to an estimated $10,000. Usually, the added value is around 50% to 80% based on the project’s cost.


How Can Pole Barns Increase Selling Opportunities?

If you have access to a substantial area, you should unquestionably invest in a pole barn. It does not matter if you want to keep your property for now and sell it later. Here are the benefits of building a pole barn on it:

It has a multi-purpose function

Pole barns are highly adaptable! We all know that home buyer preferences differ based on their needs. However, you can turn pole barn homes instantly into whatever purpose you may want them to serve. May it be a garage, a man cave, a basement, a roof-only foundation for animals, or a storage house, for example.

Of course, it is up to you as long as it will appeal to the market.

It can be a garage

Most people get disappointed when the property offered to them has no garage. You do not want to drive away potential buyers, right? Remember that the longer the property does not get disposed of based on the set date can cost you more. Grab every strategic advantage such available having post barn homes to increase the chance of your property getting noticed in the housing market. They are willing to pay extra!

Post frame construction is fast and easy

Unlike other forms of construction that can last months, thus incurring more money, pole barn construction is a swift process. Most homeowners usually do not want to expand their property due to time-consuming and cost-inefficient reasons. But pole barn homes are different. They are considered a solution that will not break the bank.

It is sturdy

An enormous bending is possible in a tree before it approaches compression due to the extreme tension of the exterior wood—posts used in contemporary post-frame construction function in the same fashion when buried in the ground.


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How do they compare to steel frame buildings?

  • In terms of construction cost, pole barns are cheaper than steel frame barns.
  • You can avoid racked or warped siding and asphalt shingles with pole barn steel.
  • Pole bans usually have soil floors, no secured walls, and no concrete foundation.
  • Metal buildings have concrete floors.
  • Both are susceptible to weather-related risks — mold and rotting in wood, rust, and water leaks in steel.
  • Both need proper maintenance.
  • Pole barns can have fewer breaks if poles are placed properly.

Challenges of Building Your Pole Barn: : What to Expect?

  • The mortgage loan and permitting post-frame building can sometimes be difficult to process.
  • A stick built building usually has higher insulation costs than traditional homes
  • Doing it yourself may consume a lot of time
  • Too much “save” mindset can lead to poor materials and lower quality results

Ask for help from an expert to decide!

The bottom line is general contracting a post-frame structure requires a significant investment not only in terms of money. The project calls for knowledge, resources, and time. Additionally, there’s always the possibility of risk.

J&M Construction of the oldest and most seasoned builder of commercial-sized post frame structures for your residence or place of business. If you think it is not worth the risk and do not have time to do this DIY, do not hesitate to ask for help from a general contractor. Find the answer and visit our website or contact us at (918) 931-245o to ask for the construction price and other info about your pole barn.

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