Pole Barns In Northeastern Oklahoma

Pole Barns In Northeastern Oklahoma

A pole barn is a building that is supported by poles embedded in the ground and anchored in
concrete. Pole barns do not require foundation or any additional structural support. Pole barns are frequently built to be used as a shed, a barn for farm animals or as a building used for storage. Pole barns are often considered the essential buildings of the classic American lifestyle
and of the American Midwest.

How are pole barns built?

Poles used in a pole barn are made of pressure-treated lumber. Square posts and round poles are frequently used for the construction of a pole barn. Although the construction of a pole barn may seem simple at the first glance, the carpentry involved in the building of a pole barn may be difficult.

The construction of the barn requires lumber for roof trusses, girts, purlins and roof stringers. Also, the walls for the support of the pole barn’s frame are essential. A wall for a pole is typically made of steel or plywood. Builders should not forget to stock up on nails, storm clips and a door for the entrance of the pole barn.

The building process starts from embedding the poles in the ground and securing them with concrete. The next steps are one of the most difficult, as they involve putting up the roof stringers and trusses. After that step, roofs and walls are installed. Finally, the pole barn may be insulated from the inside and a barn door is set up. Additionally, the pole barn may be painted and decorated to fit the owner’s tastes.

A pole barn being built in Tahlequah, OK.

How long do pole barns last?

If the correct pressure-treated lumber is used by the builder during the construction of the barn, a pole barn is likely to last for up to 100 years. Pole barns pose the minimal risk level of building failure. A pole barn built by a professional construction company will likely require only minimal upkeep and will last for generations.

However, it is important to remember that some of the parts of the pole barn may need to be replaced eventually. Siding and roofing products are the most vulnerable parts of the barn. These construction products tend to have limited life spans in general. Good news is that you are unlikely to encounter such products if you do your own research on the best siding and roofing products or hire a professional builder.

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Tahlequah Oklahoma pole barns

A pole barn is a great choice for a resident of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The pole barn is not only a perfect building for a shed or a storage. A pole barn is often used to house farm animals, such as horses, cattle and goats. The pole barn can be insulated from the inside, meaning that the animals in the barn will be kept warm even in winter.

If you choose a professional barn builder you won’t have to worry about the building process, taking care of the carpentry involved in the building process and all other problems. A local pole barn building company is the best choice. A local company will know the need of the residents and common building problems and how to deal with them. An even better deal is a local company with over 15 years of experience.

At J&M, we offer an unlimited amount of styles and designs to fit your needs, and we build everything to last and with top of the line building material. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick estimate on your new pole barn!

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