Difference In Structural And Architectural Roofing

Construction workers installing shingles on the roof of a home.

Choosing the appropriate roof for your home is an important decision. It not only improves the look of your property, but it also helps to protect it from the weather. In this blog post, we’ll look at the difference between structural and architectural roofing materials and explain their key features and edges to help homeowners make an informed decision and determine the best low maintenance and durable slates.

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Slate roof

Architectural Slates

In the roofing industry, architectural shingles are referred to as “architectural” because they are specifically developed in a seaming process to add architectural interest to the roof by the contour, cut, and dimensional thickness of each shingle.

These shingles can be manufactured to replicate the stunning, sought-after appearance of genuine cedar shakes or natural slate tiles without the installation, heaviness, upkeep, flammability concerns (in the case of real wood), and cost associated with genuine wood and stone .

Key Features of Architectural or Dimensional Shingles:

  • Aesthetics Appeal:
    At the heart of dimensional roofs is the potential to improve a building’s visual appeal. It opens up a new world of possibilities, allowing architects to play with shapes, types, and textures, transforming the roof into a design focal point.
  • Customization Opportunities:
    Unlike structural shingles, dimensional ones allows for great personalization. Architects have creative leeway to design slates that typically match the overall look of the building by using distinctive types such as asphalt shingles or tiles and experimenting with colors, patterns, and slopes.
  • Historic Restorations:
    When restoring historical structures, architects frequently use architectural roof to preserve the structure’s authenticity while introducing new design aspects. This combination of ancient and new achieves a harmonic equilibrium.


Metal Roof


Structural Slates

Metal Roof systems that are directly capable of supporting mass loads put on the slate are referred to as structural. This implies that they can be mounted above horizontal purlins or lathe boards that span the s trusses. The weight that is between the purlin spacing is supported by the shingles panels when a weight load is applied to structural metal slating.

Key Feature of Structural Shingles:

  • Load-Bearing Capacity:
    Structural metal roofing is made to accommodate a variety of equipment installations and big snow accumulations. It is built to endure significant loads. Because of its strong architecture, the slate can support a lot of mass without losing structural integrity.
  • Durability in Adverse Conditions: 
    It is unavoidable to be exposed to adverse weather conditions. The compositions used in the construction and installation of structural metal roof are resistant to severe winds, extremely high temperatures, and other environmental stresses.
  • Material Composition Matter: 
    Structural shingles are made out of steel, concrete, and metal. These are used because they are strong and able to offer the required support. The particular requirements and needs of the building are taken into consideration while choosing structural metal roofing.


Understanding the distinctions between structural and architectural slates helps architects, builders, and property owners choose the right option for their project. Choosing the right slating supplies is crucial for the success of any construction project, whether it involves building strong structures or creating beautiful architectural masterpieces.

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