Building the Right Way in Tahlequah Oklahoma

A Tahlequah custom home built in Oklahoma

Tahlequah, OK is home to more than 15,000 residents from a diverse culture. The streets are home to various communities and neighborhoods of modern style as well as traditional older homes. Tahlequah is a small community with a diverse background of people, a diverse culture, and diverse neighborhoods filled with businesspeople, farmers, and just your regular everyday people. Most of the homes throughout the neighborhoods have spacious yards with plenty of land for families and farmers. Many areas in this quaint, cozy town is surrounded by large beautiful trees, majestic mountains, peaceful lakes and rivers that are strewn throughout the city.

Although it still remains a small quaint and delightful town, Tahlequah has experienced a steady growth over the years. Many new homes have been constructed or reconstructed due to growth, weather-related issues, and various other reasons. Some of the homes are recently built two or three story residential homes, others are farm houses, and others are apartment and duplex communities located throughout the city. But there is no need to worry about crowded neighborhoods. With plenty of space in this sprawling town, the construction of homes in Tahlequah is plentiful.

There are also a number of barns and farmhouses being built throughout Tahlequah, which is a result of the influx of farmers that have migrated to the area. However, Tahlequah Oklahoma doesn’t plan to overbuild the city, so there is also no need to worry about building on land that will cause environmental issues. There’s enough land equivalent with the growth rate without overbuilding or overcrowding. The type of home that can be constructed in this city can be constructed with the right techniques, materials, floor plans, and creativity. The modern-style home involves more systems and facets of construction than many traditional or older-style farm homes due to modern necessities.

And most modern homes are being built to lessen the damage of natural disasters, especially those common in Tahlequah. The likelihood of flood damage, hail damage, overexposure of sun, tornadoes, and earthquakes are all considered when it comes to constructing a home in Oklahoma. If you’re interested in the traditional homes, farm homes, multi-family homes, single-family homes, spanish-style homes, or native American-style homes, it can be done using the right building contractor like J&M Roofing and Construction. We build based on your needs.

Situated in the beautiful landscape of hills, rivers, and mountains outside of Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma, J&M Roofing and Construction is one of the well-trusted, professional and long lasting building and construction companies in the area. We have experienced building all kinds of buildings, from barns to commercial buildings, from small homes to large estates, and from metal buildings to brick homes. We specialize in providing small-town residents as well as big city businesses the construction and roofing jobs they desire. We provide a custom design starting with the foundation all the way to the end of the project.

Pole barn built in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Our Construction Services Include:

Custom Homes

Looking to move to Tahlequah or reconstruct your current home? We will create your dream home and give it that special touch and at reasonable price. We provide a custom design from the ground up. The first step in building a home from scratch is time-consuming. Once you’ve found the site for your new home, it is likely to take at least a year to complete.  Instead of trying to do it yourself, hire us to do it for you.

Designing Red Iron Buildings/Shed Buildings

Looking for a sturdy farmhouse, shed or barn to keep your cattle? We will build a sturdy, secure building, protecting your livelihood for damage and providing a horse barn or building that’s large enough for shelter. Most red iron buildings are made out of steel.

Post Frame Buildings or Barn Building

Are you looking for a solid building with multiple columns? We can design pole barns and most types of buildings for holding a large amount of animals or even an event.

Metal Roofs

Protect your roof with metal sheeting and avoid the damage from nature’s extremes with this sturdy roof.



Roofs tend to last for quite awhile, however, every roof due to the exposure of the elementswill need repair at some point. And lIving in parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas, with it’s heat from the sun, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and wind gusts, can cause havoc to any roof. We install, repair and design roofs that will protect your house from the elements. We specialize in different kinds of roofs including: Metal, steel, tin, slate, shingles, and stone.


As part of the construction process, we cut, shape, replace and install carpet inside and outside the building or shed or barn house.


We specialize in installing and reconstructing concrete within the building or outside the perimeter.

Remodeling & Home Repair

Most every homeowner will face the need for a home repair at some point in the life of their home no matter how sound the house was built, it will face daunting repairs. We repair concrete, sidewalks, patios, foundations, and even carpet. Sometimes it’s not about repairs but a new look. We understand homeowners like to give their home a new look every once in awhile, so if you need a total makeover for your home, we can certainly help. The first step of home construction includes the foundation.



This part of the foundation elevates the living space off the ground. It also helps to prevent termites and other insects from destroying the foundation as well as prevents damp areas.


A basement is built on a concrete slab and provides for an extra section to the house large enough for shelter, living quarters and storage.


A piece of slab is a concrete padding that covers the area the house sits. Sometimes basements are considered larger pieces of slab.

If you’re looking to build a home in Tahlequah or have some construction done on your current home, contact a professional home and commercial contractor that will not only take care of all your needs but perform quality work in a timely manner.  We serve most of the Oklahoma area and parts of Arkansas. From the beginning stages of excavation to the building of the foundation to the precise details of framing to the mechanics of installing heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electricity to the final stages of drywall, sidewalks and driveway to the finishing stages of getting to the exciting part of installing the interior parts, J&M does it all, and does it well. For a FREE, no obligation estimate, simply submit your contact information in the form below:

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