Perfect Uses For A Pole Barn In Oklahoma

Pole Barns in Oklahoma

The Most Perfect Uses For A Pole Barn In Oklahoma

One thing that every Oklahoma resident considers having to their name is a pole barn. Be it for an animal shelter, equipment shelter, or hobby workshop, having a pole barn in Oklahoma provides both fun and functionality.

Do you want to learn about the uses of a pole barn? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Uses of Pole Barns

Pole barns serve many purposes. However, agricultural use remains the top use of a pole barn. The most common uses include animal shelter, agricultural equipment storage, and as a hobby workshop to repair cars, small constructions, woodworking, etc.

Uses of pole barns in Animal Shelter

One of the most popular uses of a pole barn is an animal shelter. An explicitly built pole barn serves as the perfect place to shelter and train animals like dogs, horses, and livestock animals. Livestock and horse barns are the most common form of a pole barn as an animal shelter.

If you have animals in relatively large numbers, then having a pole barn built to serve as an animal shelter is a must for you. Your animals are your assets and you need not only to protect them but care for them too. A pole barn is a perfect building that protects animals against extreme weather and other potentially dangerous elements.

A pole barn built for animals enables you to store food and hay for your animals.

Uses of pole barns in Equipment Shelter

If you own agricultural land and farming is your occupation, you need a place to store farming equipment. Given the size of equipment, you need to have a relatively wider area where equipment can be stored and extracted with no inconvenience.

A pole barn building built to serve as an equipment shelter protects your equipment. Keeping your equipment in a pole barn elongates the durability of your equipment by protecting it from potentially harmful elements like humidity, rust, extreme cold, extreme heat, dust, polluted air, and so on.

A pole barn in-use as an equipment shelter allows you to work on your equipment with ease and comfort.

Uses of pole barns in Hobby Workshop

Many people in Oklahoma use a pole barn building as a hobby workshop. Pole barns are great as a hobby workshop ranging from woodworking, car workshop, art studio, welding, painting, to minor construction projects.

The reason to set up a pole barn as a hobby workshop is a comfort that comes with it. Many people use their basement or garage as their hobby workshop but run into trouble. That’s because of the machinery producing noise, smell of paint, sealants seeping into the home — troubling the family members living inside. On the other hand, using a pole barn as your hobby workshop enables you to repair cars, craft metal or glass pieces, weld items, and do carpentry disturbing no one.

Steps to construct a pole barn

Building a pole barn is more than a DIY job. The steps it takes to construct a post-frame structure are difficult and demand professional hands for reliable and sturdy construction. Before you commit to constructing a post-frame, ask yourself about your woodworking skills. In case you only know the basics of carpentry and you have done none extensive project of such a kind, seek professional help. J&M Roofing & Construction Oklahoma specializes in post frame buildings, horse barns, and pole barns.

If you’re interested to learn about the steps to construct a barn, here’s what you need to know.

Walk off barn size

Before you begin the actual construction, you must have a spacious place to build a large post frame for barn construction. Make sure the place is flat so you can build on it easily.

Now, mark off the exact points where you want to dig the posts. For that, you can use fencing posts. Also, it will help you take precise measurements, which will help you collect appropriate-sized materials.

Once you have marked and measured the area, you can begin building your barn.

Plant the posts

A pole barn should be what it sounds like; a barn held up by poles. You can have your pole barn open or in the form of an enclosed building. In either case, you must plant the posts. Adding walls to the barn always pays off well.

Depending on how high you want the roof to be, cut the posts and plant them into the ground. Plant poles in every corner and a few in the middle sections to support the roof.

The holes you dug into the ground mustn’t be loose. After planting poles into the hole, pour concrete into the sides to brace the post.

Construct the base of the roof

After planting the poles, you need to create the base of the roof. Create the base according to the height of the barn. You can either purchase the material and cut it yourself or buy with the purpose of not having to cut yourself. Place the pieces to create the base.

Place the rafters

After creating the base, it’s time to cut and lay roof rafters for placing the roof on them.

Place the roof sheeting

Once done with laying rafters, now you can place the roof sheeting. It’s up to you to decide the roofing you want. However, you must be cautious while placing the roof.

If building a barn building doesn’t sound like a project that you can take on yourself, you can get in touch with J&M Roofing & Construction Oklahoma to get a pole barn on your land.

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