What is the True Cost of a Roof?

A roof under construction in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

What does it cost to build a roof? 

If you are hoping to get a straightforward, simple answer to this question, you are likely to be disappointed. This is because no single, accurate answer can satisfy your curiosity. Different factors must be considered to get to an accurate cost. In this post, we discuss some of these factors and how they can determine the total cost of your property. 


This is probably the obvious factor. The truth is that the larger the surface area of a roof, the larger the cost. In any case, huge jobs can take a lot of time to install and incur labor charges. The job can also demand a lot of manpower to ensure the roof is waterproof and covered at all times until the project is complete. Also, the amount of materials you need also increase.


No matter your location, there is a wide range of roof types installed in the area. These types differ in their sizes, shapes, and life expectancies. All these factors can influence the final cost of roof installation in Tahlequah.


Probably your roof is within a conservation area where rules are stipulating different changes. As prices differ from where you live, the cost of installation in the city is relatively higher as compared to the cost of installation in rural areas. For instance, material costs can vary from one place to another.


In the construction industry, “you get what you pay for,” and this applies to roofing. You have to take into account the materials used. Remember that there are no two quotes that are the same. Various roofing companies use different methods for installing roofs. They also have different suppliers or manufacturers. The cheapest quote does not mean that you will get the best value for your money.

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